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Are you interested in enriching yourself by synergies with other professionals like yourself?

PALAU CoWork is perfect if you want to meet and work with other freelancers and business professionals, who are not necessarily from your own profession.

In fact, it is an ideal place to get in touch with professionals who offer complementary services to yours and that could become future partners or customers.

If you need information about our
personalized rates,
do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you interested in reducing your business’s fixed structural costs?

You do not need to pay for an entire premises and all the associated utility expenses (i.e. electricity, water, insurance, Internet, etc.). Simply pay a fixed monthly fee to use the Co-working space and its well established services.

You will benefit from sharing the space with other like-minded, independent professionals who will all be benefiting from this same advantage.

Are you interested in a modern and technologically current work space, situated on one of the most beautiful corners of our city?

The location and layout of the Palau CoWork space, situated on the Patio del Palacio square in the old town district of La Seu d’Urgell, will help make your work experience a real pleasure. It will help you to be more positive, while keeping you sensitive to moments of change and opportunity.

You will work daily in an open and very nice space.

We respect people, believe in effort, and share our dreams openly.

Are you interested in the best possible internet connection?

Palau CoWork has closed a collaboration agreement with Cadí Telecom who supplies the latest technology in terms of internet connectivity. You can focus solely on developing and addressing your project in the best possible conditions.

No sharing of computers, laptops or tablets. Everyone uses their own personal work equipment.

Are you interested in having access to meeting rooms for presentations or videoconferencing?

Everything is at your fingertips so that you can communicate and present to your clients in whatever conditions you require.

Do you need to print in different formats?

We offer you a multitude of space with the latest voice and data technology and all associated conveniences, so you can meet your customers with the comfort and professionalism that is required.

Are you interested in having access to an office space that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

Your personally assigned id-card will allow you access, to use the office, in the hours most appropriate to your needs. Security is of a high standard as access is restricted and the space is monitored by video surveillance cameras.

We have adaptable rates depending on your use of the space, that fits your specific needs.

Are you interested in having lunch at work so as not to waste your lunch hours in transit?

This could be your space…

You will have the opportunity to eat within the office, or downstairs at a corner café/restaurant. This is another of the advantages of this co-working space, especially if you like eating in the sunshine, and you’re someone who does not mind taking two long hours at noon to move, eat, etc.

We are convinced that this time is one of the most appropriate moments to socialize with the other professionals who you are sharing the space with.

The PALAU CoWork space, in La Seu d'Urgell, offers you the opportunity to rent a portion of the office space or a just seat at an open work station, including all utilities, for your various requirements according to your professional needs.


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