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What is “CO-WORKING”?

The concept of co-working was born just a decade ago in the United States and then, shortly after its emergence, the idea took root in Catalonia. Co-working is a shared work environment for business professionals who want to avoid the high cost of renting their own office + utility expenses, however, are still interested in utilizing the benefits of a fully functional office environment, and do not mind sharing the space with other variously oriented and like-minded professionals.

An explanation of how co-working works:

1. Space is shared and expenses are saved. It is the basic philosophy of co-working: you do not have to pay a lot of money, including all associated utility expenses (i.e. electricity, water, Internet, etc.). Simply pay a reasonable fee to use the space and its services, for as long as you wish. Share space with other independent professionals who are similarly interested, just as you are, about benefiting from this service.

2. Usually, computers are not shared and each person will bring their own personal work equipment, such as laptop, tablet, notebook, stationary, etc.

3. Food is often made and shared in common. This is another of the advantages of co-working, especially if you do not like eating alone, and is a valuable opportunity to socialize and connect with the rest of the professionals in the office.

4. Meet other freelance professionals who do not necessarily share the same profession. In fact, it is an ideal method to find and connect with professionals that offer complementary services to your own, and that could become either partners or customers in the future. Knowing other people with other interests and knowledge is always enriching.

5. Depending on the city, the area where the co-work space is situated, and the capacity of your requirement; the price can range from between 100 to 400 euros per month. In the Spanish context; this concept has been implemented in Madrid, and then also in Catalonia and Barcelona, and now other large towns/cities have been implanting the same service for years now (e.g. Bilbao, Malaga or Sevilla). In some cases, a duration oriented service contract is required, so it is advised to inquire before-hand on all the contractual conditions before signing.

6. Co-working is not limited to an office space, however it is the most common expression of it. There are also co-working workshops and stores.

By doing a quick search on Google you can quickly and easily find all the co-working spaces that are currently open to professionals all around the world. There are numerous web pages that are very useful for locating them.

Co-working is a shared work environment for business professionals who want to avoid the high cost of renting their own office + utility expenses

The PALAU CoWork space, in La Seu d'Urgell, offers you the opportunity to rent a portion of the office space or a just seat at an open work station, including all utilities, for your various requirements according to your professional needs.


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